• Seating Charts – Keep Your Environment in Mind

    August 14, 2017 | News
  • One of the many decisions that a bride and groom will have to make is whether or not to have a seating chart. If they choose not to have a seating chart, it's very simple and not much else will need to be done, as guests will simply seat themselves. If they do choose to have one, as is the more common practice, there are many different things to consider. Most people think about keeping family together, keeping certain relatives who don't get along away from one another, and so on. Most brides and grooms, however, fail to keep the environment in mind when making these decisions.

    The environment is very important with regards to seating due to many factors, with the sound system being at the top. Many people, especially elderly people, don't enjoy loud music. Despite this, I often see seating charts that have the eldest members of the family placed directly under the speakers, leading them to either complain about the music being too loud or simply leave. By placing the people most likely to dance closer to the dance floor and the music and seating the people least likely to dance or want it loud away from it, you increase the chances of more people staying until the end of the night. Other environmental factors include lighting, restrooms, and even the bar. You probably would want to place those who might use the restrooms the most relatively close to them, and you might want to place anybody you're concerned about drinking too much away from the bar to discourage repeat trips for more drinks.

    We at Avalon Entertainment understand these factors and can work with you, your planner, and your venue to help plan out your seating chart, in addition to your timeline and music. It's just another way that we work to make your special day enchanting!