• What type of event is your specialty?

      Our specialty is weddings, but we are just as good with graduations, birthdays, and corporate events. Whatever type of event you're having, we work to customize each and every aspect to fit you.

    • Can I see my DJ perform before deciding to book them?

      We believe in the sanctity of our clients' events, so we do not allow potential clients to attend in the hopes of selling our services. We do have several videos available for viewing, and can take video of future events at your request.

    • Why do I have to sign a contract?

      Signing a contract is important because it protects both you and Avalon Entertainment. For us, it shows your commitment to using our services, which leads us to begin working on your event. For you, it shows our commitment to show up and provide you with a great service.

    • What if I need to cancel after signing the contract?

      Avalon's retainer is conditionally refundable. Like with most services, the retainer is non-refundable unless Avalon books another client in your place with the same services. In that situation, we do not believe it is proper to keep your retainer, and it will be refunded.

    • Can Our DJ provide music and sound for the ceremony too?

      We often are asked to provide music for the ceremony as well. There is a small charge which will differ depending on whether the ceremony is at the same location or a different location.

    • How can I make sure that my DJ will have all of my special songs and play them at my event?

      Our DJ always meets with our clients to go over everything in person and build rapport. In addition, we offer the online DJ Event Planner system to all of our DJ clients to assist them in selecting their music, which allows them to search for music and listen to clips before clicking 'add,' as well as developing their timeline.