• When you look to find vendors for your wedding or event, what questions do you typically ask? I would assume you’d question pricing, what comes in the packages, and what type of changes can be made. How often do you ask about safeguards?

    There are several types of safeguards, but today I’m going to focus on backup equipment, as I have already covered insurance in a previous post.

    When your vendors arrive, the focus is usually on the template design (for photo booths), the playlist (for DJs), and the right menu (for caterers). These are all important factors to focus on, but what about if something goes wrong with a piece of a vendor’s equipment? The template is very important for the photo booth… so long as the computer doesn’t crash. The playlist is very important for the DJ…as long as a speaker doesn’t blow or get knocked over.

    Life is full of unexpected and unpleasant surprises, even on your most special day. Make sure to verify that your vendor is prepared for these surprises. I have heard vendors say that it’s cheaper to refund the client than to keep backup equipment on hand. I disagree. I feel that you can never put a price on the memories that are now affected. I have also heard stories of vendors asking other DJs at the same venue if they have backup equipment they could lend them because they did not plan ahead. These are unacceptable scenarios.

    Avalon carries backup equipment to all events. If our photo booth equipment begins acting up, we can simply swap out that piece of equipment for a replacement, keeping the down time to a minimum. If our speakers or mixer begin acting up, we have replacements on hand to keep the party from coming to a halt. These situations haven’t happened, but we’d rather be ready if they do.

    Wouldn’t you rather that as well?